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JAN30                             MAR21                NOV15

The Founders' Day #10





Free Drink Included!

+ free pass for one day UMA membership




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The event will be held in English

Location: Technopolis DELTA, J. Balcikonio st. 9, Vilnius

6:15 PM The participants will be able to get a guided tour of one of the biggest coworking

places in Nothern Europe – UMA Workspace


6:30 PM Startups sharing their experience


7:50 PM Short PITCHES

Call a team member to join your startup!


Present your idea for like-minded people who
would love to work together on your idea!

TIME: 15 seconds for one PITCH!
No need for a presentation.


8:00 PM Networking SPOT!

Grab Your Free Drink @networking SPOT! 


DAY:  Tuesday, January 30       TIME:  6:15 PM       LOCATION: Technopolis


Founder & Chairman of Venture Capital Fund
Nextury Ventures

PITCH Signup here:

How to Research and Assure if Your

Panel Discussion Representatives

Discussion Questions

- How to evaluate the potential demand for a product?

- How to know what industry is most profitable to enter into?

- What methods you can use when conducting research?

- How to test scalability?

- Legal aspects of protecting Ideas?

- How to protect your startup from copycats?

- How to predict future trends?

Idea is Indeed Brilliant?


Lukas Yla, CEO @CityBee

The road to growth: How CityBee grew from 50 to 500 cars

and over 100 000 users.

Lukas is marketing professional and a creative genius who received a massive media attention for his job hunting campaign in the US and worldwide. He will share the journey of CityBee: how they keep up with car market trends, maintain a competitive edge by sizing up business opportunity, conduct market research to understand their target market, identify consumer problems and demands, which are different in all cities

Ticket 10


Henrikas Urbonas, Co-Founder, CEO @Interactio

Good Ideas are a Dime a Dozen: It's How You Execute.

Every startup begins with a brilliant idea, but how to find out whether you’re ready for a start-up? Henrikas and his team turned a brilliant idea into an actual business and the market research helped determine the idea potential of Interactio. Today Interactio is a global disruptive startup that recently became an official partner of TEDx. Interactio provides a mobile system that replaces the equipment for translation in live events. 1500 events used Interactio services last year!


Partner at Open Circle Capital Venture Fund

Rokas Tamošiūnas

He has mentored nearly 500 startups and getting advices how to test scalability, to make market research to ensure that a great idea has the potential to sustain itself.


dr. Rasa Paulienė

As. Professor at Vilnius University

Dr. R.Paulienė has got a vast experience ranging from working in different companies and research projects related to market research