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The Founders' Day #11

How To Gain Initial Traction for Startup?




DAY: Tuesday, March 20       TIME: 6:30PM       LOCATION: Vilnius


 Founder & Chairman of Venture Capital Fund
Nextury Ventures


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6:30 PM Startups sharing their experience


7:50 PM Short PITCHES

Call a team member to join your startup!


Present your idea for like-minded people who
would love to work together on your idea!

TIME: 15 seconds for one PITCH!
No need for a presentation.


8:00 PM Networking SPOT!

Grab Your Free Drink @networking SPOT! 


PITCH Signup here:


Ticket 10€

Free Drink Included! 






The event will be held in English


Panel Discussion Representatives
Discussion Questions

Coming Soon...

- How built traction around your startup?

- How to reach out to influencers in your industry and community, interact with them on social media?

- How entice influencer with an offer they can’t refuse?

- What are some growth tactics early stage startup founders can implement without a large budget?

- Legal advice: how to avoid some pretty serious pitfalls along the way from the start attract your customers.