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The Founders' Day #11

How To Gain Initial Traction for Startup?




DAY: Wednesday, March 21       TIME: 6:15PM       LOCATION: Vilnius


 Founder & Chairman of Venture Capital Fund
Nextury Ventures




Tickets from 10€

(ticket will go up to 15 € from 19th March)




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The event will be held in English


Panel Discussion Representatives
Discussion Questions

- How built traction around your startup?

- How to reach out to influencers in your industry and community, interact with them on social media?

- How entice influencer with an offer they can’t refuse?

- What are some growth tactics early stage startup founders can implement without a large budget?

- Legal advice: how to avoid some pretty serious pitfalls along the way from the start attract your customers.


Šarūnas Legeckas, Co-founder @PlaceILive, @Hyperb

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

What makes high achievers successful is grit—a “combination of passion and perseverance”—coupled to their raw talent. Talent is important, but talent multiplied by grit is what builds skill, and skill multiplied by grit equals achievement. (Based on a book by Angela Duckworth). Would like to share our story at Hyperb (PlaceILive) and how we moved from pivot to pivot in search for success. How we struggled and always bounced back. We are still looking where our success is, but we now feel more confident than ever.


Julius Pauliukevičius, Co-founder, CEO

How to gain initial traction when you have only 70 euros

Julius is education enthusiast who has founded personalized learning program, "GoHisto" and digital educational material subscription service for primary education pupils, "". He will share the story of his startups: how they gained initial traction and grew from 70 euros to 2 000 monthly paying subscribers. It’s all about stepping into your customer’s shoes and building an integral community around this understanding.

gallery/daumantas-1 Founder, Project manager,

Daumantas Kirkutis


Investor @Circle Venture Capital, CEO @Altechna

Per Moller


Attorney Assistant, Lawyer at METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners

Valdemaras Kovalevskis

6:15 PM The participants will be able to get a guided tour of one of the biggest coworking

places in Nothern Europe – UMA Workspace


6:30 PM Startups sharing their experience


7:50 PM Short PITCHES

Call a team member to join your startup!


Present your idea for like-minded people who
would love to work together on your idea!

TIME: 15 seconds for one PITCH!
No need for a presentation.


8:00 PM Networking SPOT!

Grab Your Free Drink @networking SPOT! 

PITCH Signup here: