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The Founders' Day #12

    Hottest Tech Areas 2018



Founder & Chairman of Venture Capital Fund
Nextury Ventures


6:30 PM Startups sharing their experience


7:50 PM Short PITCHES

Call a team member to join your startup!


Present your idea for like-minded people who
would love to work together on your idea!

TIME: 15 seconds for one PITCH!
No need for a presentation.


8:00 PM Networking SPOT!

Grab Your Free Drink @networking SPOT


DAY: Thursday, July 17       TIME: 6:30 PM       LOCATION: Vilnius



PITCH Signup here:

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Panel Discussion Representatives
Discussion Questions

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Hottest Tech trends:

Bots, Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Influencer Marketing, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Public Cloud Adoption, Voice-Driven Applications, Video and VR/AR/360-Degree Videos, Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Intelligent Apps


-What tech trend will make waves in 2018?

-Where the tech industry will pounce in 2018?

-User Privacy Will Be the Hottest Tech Topic of 2018?

-How New Technology Could Create New Legal Problems?